We are here to start the day as fit and entertain you all day… many activities from gymnastics to dance classes, from tournaments to sports events are waiting for you … We will wear you out a little from 10 am until evening hours…

For adults (in the morning)

  • 10:00 Club Dance Aqua
  • Morning Gymnastics Aqua
  • Zumba & Salsa Dance Course Aqua
  • Air Rifle Competition Konyaaltı Beach
  • Dart Competition Aqua
  • Water Gymnastics Water Polo Pool Games Aqua
  • Beach Volley Konyaaltı Beach

For Adults (in the afternoon)

  • 14:30 Club Dance Aqua
  • Water Gymnastics Water Polo Pool Games Aqua
  • Dart Competition Aqua
  • Football Pitch Football Aqua
  • Basketball Aqua
  • Step & Aerobic Aqua
  • Archery Konyaaltı Beach

Teenage Activity for 12-16 Years

  • Darts game
  • Water Polo
  • Pool Games
  • Competitions
  • Table Tennis Football
  • Foam party 2 days a week (on Tuesday-Saturday)